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  2017 Driffield Steam & Vintage Rally

The weekend of 12th & 13th August saw the 28th Driffield Steam & Vintage Rally organised by the East Riding Engine Club. For this year a revised layout for the attractions on the Driffield Showground was successfully introduced, optimising the available space, and providing a safe, enhanced experience for both exhibitors and visitors alike. Steam engines, both full size and miniature were well represented with around 40 of each present, complemented by a range of working vintage machinery and about 200 old tractors and even more vintage and classic cars and commercial vehicles. In recent years the rally has become noted for its Steam Car section with several varied examples including Stanley cars dating from 1908 through to the Doble E22 0f 1925, probably the ultimate development of the steam car.

For the second year there was a WW2 Rolls Royce Griffon aero engine present of a type which was used in the last Spitfires and the Shackleton bombers.  This 37 litre, V12 engine was run up several times over the weekend and for many older visitors revived memories of when the adjacent Driffield RAF station was operational. Another popular attraction was the traditional fun fair where, besides the steam gallopers and dodgems etc. there was the exhilarating ‘Hurricane Jets’ ride which had been first installed in the Cleethorpes Wonderland Amusement Park in the 1950s. This has been extensively restored and is now travelled by the Hyman family.

Unfortunately, very heavy rain showers interrupted proceedings in the afternoon and, although over by 5pm, this affected the traditional Saturday night road run into Driffield town centre. Here the roads are closed to allow exhibits to parade from The Showground into the town where they park up for an hour or so allowing the public to mingle freely amongst them. Although another enjoyable event, the weather caused a reduction in the number of vehicles going on the run and the crowds were initially down resulting in the street collection for Yorkshire Cancer Research raising £2268 compared with the nearly £3000 of recent years.

Sunday had much better weather but the effect of Saturday’s rain was that the ground in the large exhibition ring was too soft to permit the steam heavy haulage to take place. This was replaced however with working demonstrations by the two Fowler ploughing engines ‘Dale’ and ‘Ward’ winching a Burrell traction engine across the ring.

Altogether another successful event and the organisers are now looking forward to the 29th which will be on 11th & 12th August 2018 

Please note if you intend to participate in the Saturday night road run there is an important safety information update here


Here's a selection of images from the 2017 weekend


Hurricane Jets

Rolls Royce Griffon


1907 Victor Electric Car

Road Run 2017

Photographs Courtesy of

Charlie Rounce